Paradise Hope (2012) Full Movie

Hi guys long time no talk. I am finally employed and I’m also studying.. so I barely have time nor the motivation to do anything else when I’m free. Anyway I work at a university at the moment and I am crushing so hard on one of the professors. He’s old as shit but fuck can he dress good. He is so adorable I’m going to die. Anyway he’s always the first person to come in during the mornings and my corner is the first thing he looks at. He’ll be talking to someone and he’ll keep glancing and we’ll just share these smiles and I die every time, then he’ll pull a joke and I’ll laugh and in my head I’m just like *no fucking clue what you just said.* AND OH GOD HELP ME I JUST WANNA TALK TO HIM LIKE FOR REAL. I can talk to the other professors but I CANT TALK TO HIM BECAUSE HE IS JUST SOOO beautiful AND I AM A HOT MESS. He is so attractive. He’s got this german accent and stutters sometimes. He is lean and has white hair AND OMG WHY WHY WHY WHY 

The Last of Robin Hood (2014)

After The Dark (2013) 

Just watched this and as it turns out it’s surprisingly a teacher x student film… in saying that I basically dropped a huge bomb plot-wise. 


Hello lovely bunnies!! I finally finished this list of 88 nymphets/age gaps movies and it’s ready to be shared! Unfortunatelly I couldn’t put the links to watch the movies online because I had a few problems, but I have the links so message if you want any. :) So, here you have the movie titles…



Nymphet’s Red Lips


American Beauty, 1999

Pure (2009) 

It’s the chic from A Royal Affair in an earlier older man / younger woman film. 

someone watch shopgirl with me… :D

Magic in the Moonlight (2014) 

That’s right… you can thank me later…

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Hugh Laurie & Leighton Meester
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House M. D. (2005) → The Oranges (2011)

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This movie is basically an AU fanfic based on the creepy 17 year old stalker on House. 

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That Obscure Object of Desire (1977)



"You’re not to old for me to put you over my knee and give you a spanking."


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