The Last of Robin Hood (2014)

After The Dark (2013) 

Just watched this and as it turns out it’s surprisingly a teacher x student film… in saying that I basically dropped a huge bomb plot-wise. 


Hello lovely bunnies!! I finally finished this list of 88 nymphets/age gaps movies and it’s ready to be shared! Unfortunatelly I couldn’t put the links to watch the movies online because I had a few problems, but I have the links so message if you want any. :) So, here you have the movie titles…



Nymphet’s Red Lips


American Beauty, 1999

Pure (2009) 

It’s the chic from A Royal Affair in an earlier older man / younger woman film. 

someone watch shopgirl with me… :D

Magic in the Moonlight (2014) 

That’s right… you can thank me later…

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Hugh Laurie & Leighton Meester
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House M. D. (2005) → The Oranges (2011)

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This movie is basically an AU fanfic based on the creepy 17 year old stalker on House. 

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That Obscure Object of Desire (1977)



"You’re not to old for me to put you over my knee and give you a spanking."


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